Monday, November 22, 2010

Sometimes Fir Trees Eat Meat

Diatoms. Boy do they looks really cool.  They are my favorite because of how many different looking ones there are, its just awesome. 

Zooplankton feed off of phytoplankton making the the first level of consumers.  They use their appendages to bring in phytoplankton and consume them for energy. 

The lily pad is an aquatic macrophyte that grows from the base of the lake up. Its leaves sit on top of the water in order to reach the sunlight for photosynthesis. 

By far my favorite crustacean is the lobster.  They are just too delicious.  While they may feed off the bottom of the ocean I still like to eat them. 

The barracuda is my favorite fish.  Need I say more.  What a total B A fish.  These things can grow up to 6ft long and could bite you in half.  Quite possibly the coolest fish in the water excluding sharks (whole different level).

The panther is my favorite type mammal. Panthers include both leopards and jaguars.  If a barracuda had legs it would be a panther.  Fast, agile, and a bite that means business. They live mostly in Asia and Latin America and have been seen also in the US.

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